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good_heroes's Journal

Good Heroes icons
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welcome to good heroes, a place made especially to fill all your needs for good Heroes icons. membership is closed, so you must apply if you want to be given posting access. if you're only here to snag icons, then you can just friend the community; if you're here to post, then please read the rules.
if you're interested in posting, then you can go read further and drop off an application here.

put "Yum, Brains" in as your subject so we know you read the rules. if there is no subject, you will not be accepted. mod's good will won't help here.

if you get accepted, please follow this format when posting: use a 2-3 icon preview and put the rest under a cut. we don't mind fake cuts or links to your personal journal.

no fighting, bitching, or any of such allowed. any OT posts will be deleted.

please tag your entries. it's not really a rule, but you would do us, mods, a great favor if you tag your entries. also, if you see an untagged post, feel free to tag it :D.

If you want to apply and you have a closed icon journal/community, we will only accept you if you keep the entries you link to public for at least a week. Otherwise there's no need for you to apply, because there's really no use for you to post from here to a flocked/closed post.
please do not comment to any of our personal journals with any community-reated issues. if you have any questions or concerns, just reply to the application post and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. if for some reason we haven't replied to any of the applications for at least 2 weeks, then you can go to our personal journals and leave us a reminder.

if you would like to affiliate, then please a comment to this post. layout coded by brasaremean.